All Saints started in 1990 in one room altar chairs and had a small refrigerator in one side.  We started with one English mass.  Then added the spanish mass.  We started feeding the poor with me Father Bob giving my PBJ chips and coke to a man at the door one night.  then the next night he brought a friend and it grew quickly.  I put tables chairs in another room and then we were off.  The kitchen moved to a free standing building at 3350 powerline rd. and we were there for 20 years and moved into the church 2014 due to problems with the city of Oakland park.


Our mission is humbly built with benches that don’t match…light bulbs exposed….a humble altar in front….and paint donated to us to paint outside and inside.  In 2013 we had a fire with no insurance.  God answered us with leaving a picture of His Son untouched by the flames over the altar and a figure of woman in ash on the wall (Virgin Mary).   We received enough donations to build back immediately.  Our insurance turned out to be God.
The soup kitchen feed everyday all people all types, all races, religions.  We feed freely without preaching to them.  We believe the best message is a message of love in action.  They know who we are by our actions.  We have many volunteers daily and serve breakfast dinner, showers, shoes, clothes, showers, meds. and much more.


every day of the year 4pm

St. Coleman’s

St. Gabriels

St Vincent De Paul


Meet Up

lst pres Sanctuary

Kol Ami

Hindu Temple

Republican group

Volunteers of All Saints


Please, We Need:

Cooked meats, foods, Clorox, gloves,  etc…
clothes, medicines and housing for families
CALL: 954 801-8283