Hi everyone,

dallas_1dallas_3It's Saturday night and I'm comfortable at my desk in the office with AC and a nice drink.  It's so nice and I'm so blessed.  But I'm thinking of the conversation I had today with Dallas, the father of the two children Larry and William whom we would like to help.
dallas_2They are being evicted as early as this week.  They heard from the streets that our little church helps everyone.  You make this possible.
We adopted a family last month.  We have done this many times.  There has only been one disappointment with one family who didn't use our help to get started in a new and better life.

dallas_4Even if you gave $25, it would help us move them in this week.  I really can't afford with the bills of the church and the soup kitchen this month to take care of all the bill.  But I am willing not to pay one bill this month for something we need to pay for their housing.
Help us if you can.  If there is any money extra, we will revert the rest to the soup kitchen.

Thank you for your help.
Father Bob